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Our Story

Like many little girls, Kiana Hines grew up baking cookies with her mom. When she became a mother herself, Kiana continued the family tradition by making Christmas cookies each year with her three children. In 2016, Kiana began selling cookies to help with the expense of her children's extracurricular activities. Her cookies received rave reviews for their creativity and deliciousness, and Kiana was flooded with requests for special orders. Over the last five years, Kiana has honed her craft through internet searches, You Tube videos, and hundreds of hours spent experimenting in her kitchen. In 2020, Kiana made the decision to leave her career as a social worker and commit to creating her delicious art full time. Kiana's Cookie Creations has been recognized as one of the most successful Black owned businesses in Des Moines, Iowa. It continues to grow and thrive, as her customers remain awed by her endless creativity and talent.

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